Sunday, November 4, 2007


'Love is patient,love is kind,it does not envy,does not boast.....'

What exactly is love anyway?why do people make such a big deal out of it?why are we so scared to say the L word but so happy to hear it?Is it something that you fall in and out of?Or is it supposed to last forever?What about the other types of love..i the love between friends,family?Why do we take that for granted and then concentrate so much on the one that we thought is Love? What's the difference anyway?

I don't get it.We focus so much on something that might not last anyway and we neglect the one that's real.We call our friends when we're in need but forget them when good times come.we think of our families only when we have no one else to turn to.We make efforts to make our romantic relationship's work but we don't take time to nurture the one that we already have.I've realised one thing,i'm single,confused about being ready to mingle,but I sure am ready to take that important step of being the one to call or write to my friends when I haven't heard from them for a while,instead of just waiting to hear from them first,to call my family every once in a while just to know how they're doing...and not to lose the relationships i've treasured that time and distance can so easily steal away from me.

I've learned to take the first step.

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Tluangi said...

Thiani.. loved it.. Love is so much more than our mere human understanding.. I guess 1Corinthians 13 is where we need to turn to.. always... in all circumstances... esp when it comes to relationships.. then we wont have problems of commitment and the million other excuses we make.. Kudos!!!