Thursday, October 4, 2007

Picnic at Barni(Nepal)

Picnic's are supposed to be fun,right?Maybe not always,but this one was...though it was just a few of us,and not the whole hospital,as I thought earlier.Anyway,we set off at 8 am and bought samosas,puri etc for breakfast at Balrampur,and we had that on the way,finally reached barni at around 11.On reaching,we discovered that due to some communal riots few days back,all the shops were closed.still kept my hopes up cos i've prayed about this and i'm sure God won't disappoint.we decided to look around anyway and the streets were pretty empty but I was with my boss(heh!) and they knew some people cos they're this guys took us inside and we managed to get some stuffs,though I didn't get the blanket,which was my main purpose in coming.we walked some more,saw a half-open shop and check it out.luckily,there was this guy who was willing to sell us some blankets..finally ended up getting all the things on my list and I really thank God for that.We all managed to get some stuffs and then headed back home,lunch was on the way back,lots of varieties,lip-smackingly good food(well,for me anyway:))...So,we got home with enough time to spare for a much needed sleep...zzzz.....

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