Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The best years...

Found out recently that my blog is still active..:) thought maybe i'll jot down a few lines.This time,no apologies,i'm like this only...the queen of procrastination.
Recently i've been thinking about how blessed I am.I'm happy with my life,my career,my family...i've got two beautiful daughters and they're in good health.I've a wonderful husband who loves me much,frankly, to know I am loved this much,and accepted solely for who I am gives me confidence...and it shows,in the way I interact with others,and the way I am,and I really feel that i've got the best guy in the world,somone who's just wholeheartedly committed to his family.And i'm grateful to God for that.I'm grateful for a lot of things,I know we're not rich,but we're not in want,we're healthy,we love each other and we enjoy our lives.I feel this really is the best time(s) of our lives,there's no kids problem yet,no health or money issue (yet) and I know these good times will not last forever...someday,we'll be having this or that problems and maybe we'll look back on these years and realise how good they were,so i'm doing that now,instead of realising it only later,i'm realising and cherishing it now...The best years :)

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